Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Consultation Services

Fires, earthquakes and floods can virtually wipe out years of important and confidential information. Prolonged power outages and loss of Internet connectivity can rob your business of needed cash flow and important data can be lost. Your business can’t afford those losses. Our facility is designed with these concerns in mind to provide you with the ultimate protection.

Dealing with disaster isn’t something we think about everyday but it is a significant risk that we all face. Instead of living in fear, we need to confidently prepare for a potential disaster so that we mitigate damage, mobilize resources and move forward towards full and complete business resumption as quickly as possible. In this process of disaster recovery preparedness we will ensure that all persons are trained to the highest level of competence.

Here are a few reasons why we prepare for disasters the way we do:

  • Customers expect services to continue – or resume rapidly – in all situations-even disasters.
  • We expect management and supervisory control to remain operational through any crisis.
  • Employees expect both their lives and livelihoods to be protected.
  • Suppliers expect their revenue streams to continue.
  • Regulatory agencies expect their requirements to be met, regardless of circumstances.
  • Insurance companies expect due care to be exercised.

Due to the current business environment, more and more organizations are relying on The File Room to bring enhanced consistency to their current disaster recovery / emergency preparedness processes. Working with our professional records management staff, you can protect your business and ensure peace of mind that your vital company information will be safeguarded.

If the worst should happen, a comprehensive disaster recovery plan can help you move quickly to recover important documents, files, records and information. Let us help you develop a disaster plan that prepares you for a full recovery.

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