Product Destruction

Product Destruction

Information contained within corporate manuals, brochures, marketing materials and expired goods and packaging can present privacy risks that may prove damaging to an organization. Additionally, businesses have a responsibility to protect their brand and logo from counterfeiting and copyright infringement. Just as paper documents must be shredded, corporate products must also be disposed of in manner that reduces liability and is compliant with federal regulations.

We offer secure product destruction that helps you protect your sensitive business information. Your product information may come in a variety of formats from plastic packaging to employee uniforms and badges. No matter the type of corporate product, we ensure that it is securely destroyed in accordance with privacy laws specifically affecting your industry.

Once you have scheduled a bulk pickup of your items, one of our service associates will transfer your information to our secure product destruction facility for disposal. We maintain a strict chain of custody throughout to ensure that there are no data or privacy breaches. At the completion of the destruction process you are provided with a Certificate of Destruction documenting your compliance.

You are able to witness the destruction process if necessary. We tailor each product destruction project to meet your specific business needs.

Not just paper and hard drives… The File Room can help with the destruction of almost anything.

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