Active File Management

Active File Management

Managing active files and documents can be a challenge for any business. Having immediate access may mean having to incur the expense of additional office space to store files and documents. Balanced with the time and resources necessary to avoid misplacing and mismanaging files is the requirement to meet regulatory compliance.

Active file storage is a cost effective way to store and manage your most active documents. Our records storage facility provides a secure environment for storing your documents.

Combined with our Total Recall inventory management system which allows for the rapid retrieval and delivery of your documents, you are provided with a turnkey solution for protecting, managing and retrieving your active files.

Active File Management with Total Recall!

Need to store active files off-site? Worried that having someone else manage your active files means they’ll be lost forever in the alternate universe… where all those missing socks go when they disappear from the dryer?

Our Total Recall system is geared for a 100% Find-and-Retrieve Rate!

Good news!  While there are additional challenges to managing active files, The File Room is up to the task— you don’t have to fear losing your active files when you store them with us. “Missing” doesn’t happen because we have Total Recall, our proprietary document management system that makes your records easy to find even when there’s lots of activity!

Active file storage provides you with a cost effective and compliant solution for your active business documents. To find out more about more about our active file storage services please contact us by phone or fill out the form on the page.

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