Work Flow Scanning

Workflow ScanningRelying less on paper documents can greatly improve the business processes of organizations. Electronic documents are easily accessible and can be shared enterprise wide. As your business becomes more focused on electronic documents, integrating the flow of physical files into existing workflow processes is essential.

Our scanning service allows for the workflow integration of a wide array of papers, forms and files to be seamlessly integrated into your current document management system. It’s as simple as sending or forwarding those physical files to us. We’ll receive them, prepare them and then scan them back into your system.

Let Us Deal With The Paper

Without the need to maintain and manage file cabinet and storage, administrative tasks associated with the creation, storage and retrieval of documents can be automated. Vital business information can captured instantaneously from workstations and desktops.

You have the capability of organizing your electronic files according to record classification, department, retention period, etc. Index fields and reporting capabilities can be customized according to your specific business requirements and processes. Enhanced tracking capabilities enable you to have a complete audit trail of your electronic data. Electronic documents can be emailed, distributed and received through a simple email interface.

Our document management experts will consult with you to provide guidance on implementing a customized solution that helps you meet your records and information management needs.

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