Facilities and Security

Our State-of-the-Art Records Management Facility

At The File Room, we understand how important records security is to your business. We enforce rigid procedures to guarantee the confidentiality and physical integrity of your documents. Access to your records is always restricted and tracked to prevent unauthorized use.

Your files are safe at The File Room.

24-Hour Security of Our Records Management Facility in St. Louis
Our St. Louis facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and video surveillance cameras. Our facility is protected by ADT Security 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and monitors the fall of water pressure, fire, or intrusion.

Access to Our Records Storage Area is Limited and Monitored

Only authorized personnel are permitted in the warehouse. All individuals must register at the reception desk and will be designated as a “visitor” and will be escorted by an employee of the company at all times while on the premises.

  1. Private Viewing Room-we offer a private reading room for you to view files on site. The room is locked before and after your visit until warehouse personnel can retrieve the cartons for storage. Cartons are never mixed among clients that may reserve the viewing room and an escort is provided to and from the room for any of your office needs
  2. Controlled Spaces-our records storage warehouse is gated within the building to provide access to only our personnel. Staging areas near dock doors are dated and count labeled for our drivers to verify against their shipment tickets. Files and records, to be retrieved or stored, are sealed in plastic bags and placed in an enclosed cabinet until ready for shipping or storage.

Fire Suppression

Our records storage facility is protected by a heat activated detection system that if triggered sends a signal to ADT security. The system is equipped with ABC dry chemical fire extinguishers, fire hoses, and an OSHA approved sprinkler system consisting of more than 1300 sprinkler heads.

Climate Control

Our records storage facility is equipped with seven suspended unit heaters. In addition, there are circulating fans suspended at ceiling level. Our standards are to maintain an inside climate of no less than 55 degrees year round. For more temperature sensitive records, such as computer tapes or micro fiche, we offer a climate controlled room with a constant temperature range.

Our Secure Records Management Facility

Our facility is specifically engineered to commercial warehouse standards.  The entire building is constructed of cement tilt-up panels and meets all industry and government codes and requirements.

Records Storage – 750,000 cubic feet of Records Storage Capacity!  The File Room records storage facility has updated its look and efficiency with tiered racking and two mezzanines. The new racking provides for greater accessibility, improved carton integrity standards, and a cleaner environment.

Multi-Level fire storage racking system designed with the following:

  1. Three main pallet aisles which run from front to back the full depth of system.
  2. One main pallet intersection cross aisle which runs the width of the system. Pallet aisles are 8’ wide and are designed to accommodate pallets which weigh up to 2,000 pounds.
  3. All exit and cross aisles are in compliance with fire code.
  4. Solid decking used in main pallet aisle rated at 150 pounds per square foot.
  5. System designed at 35 pounds per 1.2 cubic foot letter/legal carton. (actual carton weight average 25-30 pounds)
  6. Double rail safety gates at both pallet drop areas; safety ladders.

Data Destruction, Shredding Services- 5000 Square Foot Shred Plant!

The File Room’s 3-story shredding facility houses a Cresswood Destroyer single-shaft, low-RPM shredder utilizing a rotary grinder to offer secure increased throughput and uniform output results when processing bulk paper, and product destruction materials such as plastic packaging rejects, poker chips, uniforms & fabric, books, catalogs, and manuals.  Processing more than 4000 pounds of material an hour, The File Room is continually sending tractor trailers of baled material to recycling centers.

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