Scheduled Shredding

Scheduled Shredding

Most companies will seek a systematically recurring service to capture confidential material for shredding on a day-to–day basis.  Critical information is constantly generated, printed and distributed throughout the office every day — creating a constant potential for of loss of sensitive information.

The File Room will work with you to design a custom security plan to capture sensitive materials from convenient collection points throughout the office.

We provide containers to securely lock away your designated materials in between service calls and you decide what frequency is best for your organization.

Adopting our monthly, bi-weekly or weekly service program shows your company is consistent and serious about privacy. You choose a rotation schedule that works best for your organization.

We will retrieve the containers from your business and shred the contents to your preference: either on-site with our mobile shredding truck or at our secure plant based shredding facility. With either method you will be provided with a Certificate of Destruction upon completion of the shredding process.

Scheduled shredding services ensure that your confidential documents are destroyed in a timely and secure manner. If you are interested in a scheduled shredding services quote or would like more information, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.

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