Compliance Training

Every data protection regulation in the US requires that organizations properly train employees on proper information protection, including proper information destruction.

Just as important, regulators say that organizations who do train their employees on proper information protection will be held less responsible than if the training is not provided in the first place.

So not only does the training increase employee compliance, it also reduces the fine.

The File Room training program allows you to deliver that training to your employees in a way that is fast, simple and effective.


Step 1: Your employees view the 15 minute NAID Employee Information Destruction video presentation, which explains to them why proper destruction is critical to the organization and to their continued employment.

Step 2: You provide written instructions on your organization’s specific information destruction procedures. (We will be glad to help you prepare this short document).

Step 3: Your employees verify that they have viewed training video, understand the written destruction instructions, and agree that ongoing compliance is a condition of their employment.

Document destruction is no longer a recycling issue, it is a risk management issue.

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