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The File Room offers a complete line of high-quality, cost effective, durable record storage retention boxes.  Heavy-duty construction provides optimal protection of your documents, records and files during storage and transport.  The File Room accommodates virtually every type of business record including Standard, Letter and Legal size boxes,  X-ray storage boxes,Architectural Blueprint storage (large or small).

Our most popular Records Storage Box sizes:

  • Standard (10” x 12” x 15”)
  • X-Ray (21” x 6” x 15”)
  • Letter Size (24” x 12” x 10”)
  • Legal Size (24” x 15” x 10”)
  • Architectural Blueprint – Large (8” x 8” x 42”)
  • Architectural Blueprint – Small (4” x 4” x 42”)

All The File Room records storage cartons and storage boxes are available for delivery on a Next Day or Rush basis.

The File Room also offers a complete line of data/magnetic media storage and transport cases designed to provide optimum protection for your organization’s backup tapes, disks, and cartridges during their rotation and archival.  These cases are available on a special order basis.

To place an order or to get more information, contact us or call 314-209-0600.

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