Conversion Scanning

The benefits of reducing paper an organization can be extraordinary: reduced costs, improved business processes, and streamlined operations. Implementing a solution to reap these benefits can prove challenging to the best of businesses. Our document scanning service bureau provides comprehensive electronic document management solutions for the successful conversion of paper records to electronic file formats.

Our expert imaging specialists consult with each client to provide a turnkey document scanning solution that best fits their business needs and budget. Whether you have a high volume back file conversion or smaller scale job, our project management process allows for the timely and precise completion of your project. We can even implement a document management system that will allow you to effectively manage your electronic documents.

During the conversion and scanning phases of any project, your documents our transferred to our secure document scanning facility where they are prepped for scanning. This involves removing binders, staples, paper clips, sticky notes, etc. High speed, production grade scanners then capture and convert your hardcopy data. Our quality control procedures insure that each image is accurately captured.

Indexing software allows for your data to be organized into customized index fields while Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR) gives you the ability to search for keyword and phrases within a digital file. Your digital data is then either transferred to a media format of your choice (DVD or encrypted hard drive) or hosted on our servers.

We are committed to preserving the security of your business records during the scanning and conversion process. Our screened scanning experts are trained to handle private and confidentiality information while strict chain of custody protocol is maintained during the transfer, scanning and conversion phases.

A Room’s Worth of Documents – Measured in Megabytes

The File Room offers the best practices in document conversion services which allow our clients to successfully utilize the true potential of the information contained in their files.  Increased productivity, performance and profits are only a few of the benefits our clients gained from our scanning services.

Regardless of how your documents are currently stored, The File Room can convert them to any other medium, including software formats such as PDF or TIFF files. Sifting through boxes of paper, paying commercial rent prices to store boxes, and watching boxes collect dust can be frustrating and exhausting. Our team of Document Scanning experts can pick them up from your location, at your convenience, and convert them into high-quality images that keep for years longer than the original documents.

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