CSR Readiness® Pro Edition

Be Proactive with the CSR Readiness® Program

As part of our information privacy offerings, The File Room offers the CSR Readiness® Pro Edition—a privacy compliance and breach reporting package developed by the certified information privacy professionals at CSR.

The Pro Edition contains the risk assessment CSR Readiness® Program and the award-winning CSR Breach Reporting Service™.

This program helps prepare your business to prevent loss of PII and ensure there is a plan in place in the event it ever happens. It’s almost impossible to completely avoid a breach. Employees alone cause seventy-five percent of breaches, either intentionally or by accident. System errors and theft are just a few of the many ways that information is compromised. Portable technology and devices compound the problem. Proactive detection and correction can go a long way to prevent loss and further fallout due to reputational damage, lost sales, fines, lawsuits and prosecution.

The File Room believes CSR Readiness® is a true benefit for not only your business, but your customers, vendors, and employees too. Readiness will help your business reduce the risk of a data breach and meet mandated state and federal information privacy requirements.

How it works

CSR Readiness® – 3 simple steps

Watch CSR’s Readiness Overview Video

Learn about registration, online self-assessment, Certificate of Completion and receiving ID Stay Safe digital seal for your website and advertising use.



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