NAID AAA Certified

The File Room is certified for information destruction through The National Association for Information Destruction or NAID. NAID is a non-profit organization founded in 1994. NAID is recognized internationally by many policy-makers and is often called upon to provide counsel to organizations developing information security standards and regulations.

NAID audits are only conducted by the Certified Protection Professional or CPP.  The CPP is the highest and most recognized security management accreditation achievable. The CPP accreditation is issued to security professionals who meet stringent educational and experience requirements by ASIS International.  Annual audits are conducted of all service providers.  The annual audit verifies that the service provider complies with the standards set forth by NAID regarding the disposal of secure information.

The File Room’s Annual Audits consist of the following elements:

  • Employee Clearance: Drug screenings, employment history and criminal background are verified to restrict high-risk individuals from employment.
  • Access Control: Security of material, security of facilities, monitoring of alarms, and the testing and verification of surveillance and recording systems.
  • The Destruction Process: Particle size, destruction timeframe, and disposal process of material is audited , and verified that these are being performed in accordance to The File Room’s stated policies and procedures.

The File Room is also subject to Unannounced Audits:

NAID performs random audits to verify that confidential materials are protected. Unannounced audits are conducted by a trained CPP at the secure destruction facility and/or in the field. These are performed in order to maintain the highest level of security by NAID certified information destruction companies.

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