Media-Hard Drive Destruction

Media & Hard Drive Shredding

Digital media has become a common target for identity theft. Regulatory laws such as HIPAA, FACTA and GLB mandate that confidential information, no matter the format, be protected accordingly. As a result, just as paper records should be shredded, CDs, computer backup tapes and hard drives need to be destroyed with the same attention to privacy and security.

Our media destruction services minimize the risk of your digital information falling into the wrong hands. We provide a secure and efficient method of destroying your digital information. You can either choose to have one of our mobile shredding trucks sent to your location for onsite destruction or have us securely transport your media to our destruction facility. For either option, you are able to witness our destruction procedures.

Our staff maintains a strict chain of custody during the destruction process to assure the safety and security of your digital information. Once the destruction process has been completed, you are provided with a Certificate of Destruction documenting your compliance.

Complete destruction is the only way to permanently destroy data.

The File Room destroys Hard drives, CDs, DVDs, computer back up tape or other magnetic media either on a bulk weight basis.

All magnetic media is completely destroyed by a shredder.  This machine grinds the material into small pieces.  Destroyed pieces will be recycled – this material is in no way usable able to be reconstructed after the process.

To learn more about our media and hard drive destruction services please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.

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