File Indexing Inventory Services

File Indexing Inventory Services

What is the Hardest Part of Managing Your Records?  Keeping Track of Them ALL.

So many records, so many boxes, so many ways to lose track of it all! The biggest records management challenge, bar none, is getting and keeping everything organized so you know where your critical information is when you need it.

We Have the Technology and the Systems to Make Indexing and Tracking Simple.

The File Room has the specialized knowledge and the technology to keep track of all of your records, no matter how many there are or how often you need them. Our Total Recall software enables us to index your information at as granular a level as you need—from boxes to individual files—so you always know not only what you have, but where it’s located. And our bar-coding and scanning capability means we maintain the ability to locate your information with pinpoint accuracy even when they are in transit from storage to your offices and back!

Our Zero Loss system is designed to achieve a 100% Find-and-Retrieve Rate.

Whether you need box-level or file-level indexing, we scan everything that comes to us and document its details and storage location, and if you request your records, we scan it again when it leaves our facility and when it’s delivered to you, so there’s never any doubt where your records are at every point in the transfer process. We use the same process when we pick up your records and return them to storage, to close the loop.

You WILL Get and Stay Organized, and It Won’t Hurt a Bit!

Because we need the details to set up your files in our system, you can’t help but be (and stay) more organized when you work with us! But the process is much less cumbersome because we break it down into easy-to-follow steps, rather than your being overwhelmed with boxes and boxes of records to wade through and organize. We can’t do it without you (they are YOUR records, after all!), but we can (and DO) make it much easier to finally take control of your records!

We’re Happy to Help You Conquer Your Records Chaos!

We work with customers that have records management challenges every day, and we have the systems and solutions already in place to help them index their records and manage their inventory with more detail and more efficiently than they thought possible. We would like to do the same for you.

When you’re ready to finally get control of your records and keep it that way, please contact us today to learn more about how we can help you conquer the chaos forever!

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