One Time Shred Projects

One Time Shred Projects

Periodically, businesses require the destruction of documents stored onsite at their facilities. A number of companies have comprehensive records management programs requiring the destruction of documents that have reached the end of their retention period.

Some businesses may want to turn storage areas into billable office space. Many companies may simply be relocating to another building. Whatever the reason, it is necessary to dispose of business records securely.

Our one time shredding services allow our clients to destroy unwanted documents in a timely manner without the additional investment of internal staff and resources. We can either drop off locked purge bins in advance of your project or simply pickup the boxes of documents you wish to shred on an as needed basis.

Your St. Louis One Time Shred Project Partner

If you require one-time, high volume bulk reduction of files & records, as might be required at the end of a retention period,  during a business relocation, “spring cleaning” or when you simply need to recover limited filing space, our One-Time Shred Service is for you.  Purging your archives is a monumental task that most companies cannot support with standard office shredders and internal manpower.

The One-Time Shred Service can be utilized on-demand without any contractual obligation.  Many clients use this service for quarterly, semi-annual or annual destruction of their inactive documents & records that don’t require long term storage.

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