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Many organizations in the St. Louis area invest in small office shredders with the best intentions; the thought being that confidential business documents will be shredded quickly and not end up in wastebaskets.

Rarely does this provide a reliable, secure and timely method for the disposal of sensitive information. In reality, in an effort to save time, confidential documents either ultimately end up or in a trashcan or simply sit on a desktop “waiting” to be shred.

The consequences can be disastrous. Sensitive customer information can be compromised. Corporate trade secrets and internal memos may be leaked, while staff members and clients can become victims to identity theft. The breach of regulations put forth in legislation such as HIPAA, FACTA and GLB can result in heavy fines or in some instances imprisonment of corporate officers.

Shredding Services Plant St Louis

Why Risk It? Shred It Instead

You need a shredding service and destruction program to ensure you limit your risk. The File Room provides shredding services to support your security and ongoing privacy requirements.

We offer these specific shredding service offerings to our clients in the Greater St. Louis area:

Your Greater St. Louis Shredding Company

Outsourcing your business shredding needs provides you with a formal document destruction program that reduces your liability for the breach of confidential information. The File Room offers you NAID AAA Certified off-site document shredding and destruction services that provide a convenient and cost effective solution for the proper disposal of your paper records.

At The File Room, we understand your concern about the SECURITY and PRIVACY of your vital information assets at the end of their life cycle. What happens with your day to day paperwork, corporate files and documents, digital media and hardware become a significant business liability when it is time to dispose of them.

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